An Eco-Friendly Photocatalyst Coating Agent

Biomimic Coat

Live in Harmony with Nature
For the Future of Our Earth

The name of our company, Biomimic, comes from the word and concept of biomimicry.
Biomimicry is the concept that we can learn from the natural world and make innovations that mimic its laws and mechanisms.
The process of photocatalysis uses the power of nature to break down dirt and remove odors. It can be used as a natural cleanser.
At Biomimic, our products help us to achieve our mission: To create a biomimic-based social system that relies on ecological principals for innovations.

Why Biomimic?

What is a photocatalyst?

A photocatalyst uses the infinite energy resource of light to break down and remove harmful substances such as organic compounds and bacteria.
In doing so it serves as an environmentally friendly cleaning agent with antifouling, antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Biomimic's photocatalytic technology is effective not only with sunlight, but also with any type of light.

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This Japanese language video also introduces the process of photocatalysis. Please watch along with our new English language video.


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