Introducing CS-21, a Catalytic Compound that Provides a Hydration Reaction on Cement
Creating a Future of Concrete Structures Safe for Buildings and the People that Use Them

CS-21 Concrete Modifier

How to Use CS-21 in Construction

Originally, The performance and life-expectancy of cement concrete is known to increase when materials are water cured.
When carried out, a hydration reaction takes places to fill cracks that may occur over time.

Even as time passes, such treated cement maintains its versatility, even when in a dry environment.
However, the amount of time it takes for hydration reaction, leading to crystal creation, to take place increases due to the fact that such hydrated conditions can not be maintained.
This leads to a higher rate of deterioration.

By spraying or applying CS-21 to concrete after water curing,
unhyrdated cement is stabilized, resulting in CSH crystals that react more quickly to fill cracks.
CS-21 allows for this state, where cement and moisture come together, to last for a long period of time.

CS-21's Special Features

CS-21 Provides for a Hydration Reaction on Cement when applied to concrete,
leading to the following results on concrete surfaces.

  • A Longer-Life Span for Concrete

  • Waterproofing of Concrete

  • Surface Protection

  • Repair of Cracks

CS-21 Concrete Modifier
Product Lineup

  • CS-21 Concrete Modifier

    CS-21 is a catalytic compound providing a hydration reaction on cement.

  • Professional Crack-Concrete Repair Set

    A set of repair materials used by professionals to repair cracks in concrete.
    Patent Pending No: CG-110003-A (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan)

    Product Information (Japanese Only)

CS-21 Case Studies

The primary uses for CS-21 are found below.
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