Our Story

The technology of “Photocatylists” has been studied since the 1950s, developed for use in the 1990s, and is now attracting a lot of attention.
It has only been a short ten years since its development, and as a technology whose effects sound exaggerated, many problems and rumors have arisen.

Photocatalysts are only effective in certain environments...
Available products are limited in their effectiveness...
They don't seem to work under fluorescent light...
It takes a long time to see results...
There seems to be a huge gap in effectiveness between products...

These were some of the preconceptions and thoughts about Photocatalysts. It was extremely disheartening.
We became concerned that, at this rate, the technology we worked so hard on would not spread throughout society.

Biomimic’s Challenge: Our Goal

Despite being environmentally friendly and a technology belonging to the 21st century, the fact that a negative image is spreading as a prologue is going to be a factor holding back the spread of Photocatalysts, so Biomimic Co., Ltd. was founded with the following intentions:

“To develop a catalyst that is truly effective.” and “To find an application method that maximizes effectiveness.”

With the thought of producing safe, pleasant, and hygienic spaces in all situations, our company has vowed to pour all of our efforts into spreading the use of Photocatalysts among the general public!

Trial & Error: Relentless Experimentation

There was, of course, no way to develop a solution that was extremely effective, easy to apply and have multi-purpose applications in a single day. This is why, even 10 years after the initial development of our product, we are still continuing to develop so as to overcome any problems that may arise. This is also why we have multiple teams conducting ongoing trial and error research. We have conducted, and continue to conduct, a wide arrary of experiments including the changing of ingredients, the levels of each ingredient, the order in which ingredients are mixed and the way the solution reacts in different temperatures and different levels of humidity. Our goal throught was, and still is, to keep in mind the utility of the final product.

For example:

1. Will the product be effective in places that receive little light, such as the space between buildings or in the basement?
2. Will the product be effective in restaurants, etc. that use mood lighting?
3. Will the product be effective in rooms with unique conditions, such as bathrooms?
4. Will the product be able to be applied easily and without waste?
5. Will the technology of Photocatalysts be useful in applications other than building construction?

This is how we’ve continued to work towards production with the idea of the final product being used in reality always in mind!

The First On-Site Principle: There's no Point if it Doesn't Work

And so, gradually, we succeeded in producing a solution that is visibly effective even to the naked eye.
Next, as its use spread across the nation, we thought of how we could make the product more effective during application.
Researching the solution → application → improvement of solution → application → new discoveries → improvement of solution.
This process continued for 2-3 years...
The combination of steady improvement of the solution and increased know-how gained from construction sites produced the current Biomimic Coat.

Making the Impossible Possible: The End of the Difficult Road - Biomomic Coat!

By using the data gathered from applications and improvements made at construction sites, we have made the impossible possible.

  • It’s Now Possible to See the
    Effects with Artificial Light

    The effects of Biomimic are visible even in fluorescent or incandescent indoor light.

  • Application is Possible on Inorganic
    Surfaces with a Single Solution

    As application is possible with a single solution, the application process is shorter than with similar products from other manufacturers.

  • Application is Possible on
    Nearly All Surfaces

    Materials that are traditionally difficult to apply to, such as glass or organic materials are now within our scope.

In this way, not only has Biomimic made Photocatalyst coatings effective, and spread their usefulness, we’ve also made the impossible possible.

Learn More About Biomimic Coat's
Special Features Here

However, we are not yet satisfied.

Our goal was not just to solve the problems that made our idea impossible.
Our true challenge starts now.

Now that we have a truly effective solution, focusing on making an even better one,
and improving the application process is absolutely necessary in our industry.
We believe that providing an even better product to even more people is our contribution to protecting the environment!

We at Biomimic will continue challenging ourselves every day, so please look forward to our efforts.

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