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For Future Users of Photocatalyst Biomimic Coat

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Is Biomimic Coat safe to use?
With titaniuim dioxide as its main ingredient, it's absolutely safe to use!
Titanium dioxide is a non-harmful substance often found in cosmetics and food products such as gum and white chocolate. Labratory tests have confirmed that it is a safe substance.
What is needed for the application of Biomimic Coat?
A spray-coater is required for application. There are no specific machines or models required, however we are happy to recommend a range of devices. We also have spray-coaters for sale, please contact us for details.
Are there any materials that it can't be used on?
There is no material on which Biomimic Coat can't be used! Tile, concrete, mortar, various types of painted surfaces, resin, wood, paper, leather and more! It can also be used with glass and stainless steel, on which application of photocatalysts has been difficult in the past.
How does it effect the finish of surfaces coated?
Biomimic coat is fully transparent. It leaves absolutely no trace on the appearance of the surface on which it is applied! There are certain techniques and tricks helpful with the application on glass, stainless steel, leather sheets and other such materials. Please feel free to contact us for details.
With application, how long will effect last?
Biomimic Coat will continue to function effectively as long as it isn't purposefully removed or covered by another type of coating.
I'd like to try using it. Who should I contact?
Please fill in and submit our Contact Form to find out more. One of our representatives will be in touch. Or, feel free to call us today.
Is the solution the same when found in spray can form?
The solution used is absolutely the same. When in spray can form, there is no need for a spray-coater, making it easy to use indoors, at home or at the office.
How many square meters can be coated with one spray can?
Each set comes with a pair of spray cans: one bottle of Undercoat and one bottle of Top Coat. Each can covers a surface area of approximately 10 square meters, dependant on the material to be coated. With standard application, in which the spray can is held 20 to 25 cm away from the surface and moved in a back and forth motion, 1 square meter can be coated in approximately 1 second.
What's the difference between similar products offered by other companies? What sets Biomimic Coat apart from the rest?
We can show you the difference! Please send us a sample of any of the materials you which to coat. We will coat it for you and send it back to you for inspection. To get started, please fill in and submit our Contact Form. Or give us a call today.

For Current Users with Questions About How to Use Photocatalyst Biomimic Coat

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What should be kept in mind when applying on walls?
As the liquid is transparent, it is somewhat difficult to know how much of the surface area you have coated. While spraying, it is important to focus on which areas have been coated, being cautious not to miss any spots. If you fear that you may have missed a spot, be sure to reapply to that area. This is particularly important when applying to outdoor walls. Any missed spots will lead to areas that will become covered with dirt and grime over time.
What is the expiration date?
Biomimic Coat has a long shelf-life when stored in the cool and dark conditions. That said, we recommend that you use it as soon as possible after purchase.
Can it be applied to outdoor walls in the rain?
Application can be done in the rain as long as rainfall is not coming into direct contact with the wall.
Will rainfall taking place after application on an exterior wall be a problem?
This is not a problem for walls applied with BM Under and BM-U Coat. Both can get wet after application. If rain is in the forecast, protect the walls from direct water-exposure with a simple canopy made from scaffolding.
How long should I wait to apply the Top Coat after applying BM Under?
The amount of time required depends somewhat on the season and current temperature. Generally, however, you can apply Top Coat as soon as BM Under is dry to touch. Some waiting time, approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, may be required in situations of higher levels of moisture.
Are there any kinds of tiles on which the coating cannot be used?
We have successfully applied Biomimic Coat to tiles of a wide variety with great success. Further, the appearance of the tiles remains unchanged after application. Biomimic Coat can be applied on tiles of all types (porcelain, stoneware, ceramics and more), glazed or unglazed and with variant rates of water absorption. Anything goes! When applying Biomimic Coat, please consider the water absorption rate of the tile so as to adjust the amount of liquid solution used for coating.
What should be kept in mind when using with glass or leather products?
Application on these materials require the most concern as both do not lend themselves to easy reapplication. Once the glass is sprayed it is difficult to remove as it becomes immediately affixed to the surface. There are many techniques that we have discovered from field applications on such materials. Please feel free to contact us for details.
Can the solution be diluted?
Please use Biomimic Coat as is! Dilution of Biomimic will result in lower levels of performance. Do not dilute!

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